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Ava Eye Clinic provides premium eye care specialist services, headed by Dr Audrey Looi, who brings with her over 20 years of high volume clinical experience in managing general as well as subspecialised eye conditions. Discover our eye care center today.

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Eye Specialist Services

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts refer to opacities that develop in the natural lens of the eye. This tends to occur after the age of 50 years although it can be seen in younger individuals and, rarely, in infants.

Ptosis Surgery

The normal upper eyelid margin lies about 3 to 4 mm from the centre of the pupil. When this distance drops to 2 mm or lower, the patient has ptosis of the upper eyelid.


Generally speaking, there are two types of blepharoplasty: cosmetic blepharoplasty and functional (medical) blepharoplasty. Cosmetic blepharoplasty refers to eyelid surgery…

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