Revitalise Your Gaze: Solutions For Tired Eye Appearance

The eyes, often referred to as the windows to the soul, possess an undeniable power to communicate emotions and vitality. However, the natural ageing process can sometimes cast a veil of tiredness over our gaze, diminishing its radiance. For many individuals, this weariness manifests as drooping eyelids (ptosis) and excess skin beneath the brow, affecting not only aesthetics but also vision and self-confidence.

Fortunately, advancements in cosmetic and corrective procedures offer effective solutions to rejuvenate and refresh tired eyes, notably through ptosis correction and sub-brow blepharoplasty. These treatments, expertly offered at Ava Eye Clinic, aim to restore not just a youthful appearance but also functional improvement in allowing eyelids to open more readily.


Understanding the impact of tired-looking eyes

Eyes are a central feature of one’s face and significantly impact how we are perceived by others. As we age, the delicate skin around our eyes loses elasticity and may droop, leading to a perpetually fatigued or aged appearance. Ptosis, or drooping eyelids, coupled with excess skin or fat under the eyebrows, often contribute to this tired eye appearance. Superior visual field is also affected as droopy upper lids obstruct entry of light rays into our eyes from objects in our superior visual field.


Exploring ptosis: Causes and impact

Ptosis, a condition where the upper eyelids sag, occur due to a variety of reasons, including age-related tissue laxity, muscle weakness, or nerve damage. Not only does ptosis affect aesthetics by making the eyes appear tired, but it can also obstruct vision, causing eye strain and even headaches.


Addressing ptosis

Ptosis correction involves elevating the drooping eyelids to their natural position. By tightening or repositioning the muscles responsible for lifting the eyelids, this procedure not only improves visual field but also restores a more alert and youthful appearance to the eyes. For older patients, experiencing both functional improvement and a rejuvenated appearance, ptosis correction can be transformative.


Understanding Sub-Brow Blepharoplasty

Sub-brow blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure, specifically targets the area below the eyebrows. It aims to address excess skin and underlying soft tissue that contributes to a heavy, tired look around the eyes. At Ava Eye Clinic, this procedure is often combined with ptosis surgery to restore a more youthful and alert expression.


Ava Eye Clinic: Tailored solutions for tired eyes

At Ava Eye Clinic, we understand the unique concerns of older patients dealing with tired eye appearance. Surgery for the older patient with droopy eyelids is more challenging compared to the younger patient as the soft tissues around the eyes have undergone degenerative changes over time.

Our experienced oculoplastic surgeon in Singapore specialises in providing personalised solutions for ptosis and sub-brow blepharoplasty. We prioritise not only enhancing aesthetics but also ensuring functional improvements tailored to each individual’s needs.


Personalised consultations and care

We recognise that every patient is unique. Our consultations are comprehensive, allowing us to understand your concerns and goals thoroughly. With a personalised approach, we craft treatment plans specifically designed to address tired eye appearance, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.



Bid farewell to the tired eye appearance that may have affected your confidence and hindered your vision. Trust Ava Eye Clinic’s expertise and specialised treatments in ptosis correction and sub-brow blepharoplasty to experience the joy of clearer vision and a more youthful, refreshed look tailored to your age and individuality.

We also offer a wide range of ophthalmology services for general conditions, including double eyelid surgery, epiblepharon surgery, cataract surgery and more.

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