surgery can create outcomes that make patients feel more confident and happier.

Example of cosmetic concerns prior to surgery

Double eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty eyelid surgery in Singapore, is a cosmetic procedure in which an upper eyelid crease is created. This surgery is typically done for patients of Asian descent who may have monolids or an absence of upper eyelid creases. Contrary to some beliefs, blepharoplasty is not done to Westernise a person’s look but rather to create a more wide-eyed appearance that is seen as more aesthetically pleasing and makes applying eye makeup much easier. Double eyelid surgery can help one feel more

confident in one’s appearance, but as with all procedures, proper thought and consideration should be taken before surgery. Here is what you can expect should you undergo double eyelid surgery.


How does double eyelid surgery work?

You may be wondering: how does double eyelid surgery work? Blepharoplasty eye surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, so there is no need to stay overnight. Before the procedure occurs, your eye surgeon will decide on the amount of skin, muscle and/or f

at needed to be removed. During the procedure, a sliver of these tissues is removed, and the lash-bearing skin turned slightly outwards, transforming the upper lid from a monolid without a crease to one with a double eyelid or crease. This surgery allows the eyelid margins and lashes to be more visible, creating a more wide-eyed appearance as the eyelashes turn upwards and outwards instead of downwards.


Suture techniques

Many techniques can help patients achieve double eyelids and are typically based on the surgeon’s expertise and training. One of the two broad categories of techniques is suture techniques. With this technique, the cosmetic surgeon passes a non-absorbable suture through the eyelid’s tissues in a way which allows a crease to form. One advantage of this technique is that recovery time is much faster, and wounds tend to be less visible. However, the crease’s disappearance or fading rate is much higher, especially in patients with thicker eyelid tissues.


Incisional techniques

Surgery that uses the incisional technique involves removing excess skin and muscles around the eyes. The surgeon will dissect the area and identify structures within the eyelid where the skin edge can be attached. This step allows the skin to crease when the eye is opened. This technique can also be done in conjunction with medial epicanthoplasty to give an additional lift to open up the inner corner of the eye.


Before deciding to go for the surgery

It is important to be fully aware of the surgery’s potential risks and to consider the downtime and recovery period. Consult your eye specialist before you decide to have a double eyelid suture done in Singapore.


Immediate side effects after surgery

As with any procedure, patients should expect downtime after their surgery. You can expect a

downtime of one to two weeks for double eyelid surgery, as your eyes may experience slight swelling and bruising. For patients who select the suture technique, you can expect a shorter downtime.


Postoperative care after the surgery

Postoperative care is essential in ensuring a good outcome for the procedure. Your eye surgeon will provide the appropriate medication and care instructions to help you recover well. Reviews will also be needed during the healing period to ensure the wounds heal well, giving you a good result.



Undergoing surgery, no matter the extent, can be daunting when you are unsure of what to expect.

However, with proper care and advice, surgery can create outcomes that make patients feel more confident and happier. If you want to revitalise your eyes, Ava Eye Clinic will be there with you every step of the way. Book an appointment with our eye specialist doct

or to find out if eyelid surgery is suitable for you.

What To Expect When You Undergo Double Eyelid Surgery


Note: Post-operative results in Singapore can only be viewed during a consultation